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Can I divert an operation made from my POS?

Yes, if the transaction is no more than 7 days old for a bancomat card and no more than 14 days old for a credit card. If beyond those thresholds, the divertion is still possible but cannot be managed autonomously from your POS; you need to request it in written form through fax or e-mail to our Administrative Support.

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How can I see my card balance?

The card balance for cards issued by Intesa Sanpaolo Group can be verified at an ATM, inserting card and PIN, through Home Banking or the App "La tua Banca". Should you experience any access anomalies, you can contact your bank's Client Service. You can find the number on your bank's website.

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How can I safely accept a card transaction in my physical store?

mercury payment services is available 24/7 to answer all your questions related to payment cards acceptance; you can receive all required support by contacting our Customer Care. A few advices:

  • Compare the signature the cardholders wrote on the payment receipt with the one on the back of the card. If cardholder's signature on the card is missing, we advice you to contact the Customer Care
  • If the transaction is not managed through a POS, but through an imprinter, remember that smart cards cannot be used and that it's not permitted to manually fill the payment order with card data.
  • Train your sales staff on payment cards acceptance processes to minimize errors or irregular use cases.
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How can I subscribe to 3D Secure service?

You can enroll in 3D Secure Service through the section "Password Management and PIN" of your Home Banking. Select "Card Management" and click on "Password Management and PIN" then select the card from the menu. Click on "change PASSWORD", insert the one received with the PIN and choose a new one to be used for payments. The new password, together with other card data, will be requested for autentication on websites certified MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa.