Point of Service. The evolution of
electronic transactions.

A POS is an electronic device used for verifying and processing payment card transactions.

Your business will have no more limits, you just need to choose the model which best fits your needs.

Traditional POS

mercury payment services offering to merchants includes a POS in a leasing agreement free of charge. The merchant can choose among three types of terminals from leading manufacturers:

  • Stand-Alone POS. Card payment terminal connected through a telephone line or to an IP network.
  • Cordless POS. Card payment terminal with an internal rechargeable battery, connected to fixed-line.
  • GSM/GPRS POS. Transportable card payment terminal, to accept transactions wherever there is mobile phone data coverage. Bundled with a data SIM card.
  • Acceptance of cards from major payment schemes, closed loop cards, fuel cards, e-meal vouchers. In all technologies: magnetic stripe/chip/contactless.
  • Chargeback and dispute management.
  • Real time and customized reporting.
  • Operable abroad.
  • Phone Customer service 24/7 with operator, option of dedicated IVR.
  • Ancillary services to clients: payment in foreign currencies, tax free, instalments, tip service, real time invoicing, loyalty, Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO).
  • Ancillary services to the POS such as LCD display to authenticate by signature and integration with store check-out systems.
  • Security monitoring for fraud prevention.

Mobile POS

New kind of terminal to accept payments in mobility through a dedicated app on merchant's smartphone/tablet. Best suited to:

  • Professionals working on client's premises.
  • Sales agents moving within the store to accept transactions away from cash register.
  • who is just approaching the world of digital payments and is looking for the convenience of a low monthly fee.
  • Big retail chains , due to the possibility of providing each sales agent with an mPOS, in a multiple arrangement.
  • Low cost solution: you use the data connection of your device, no setup costs, low monthly fee.
  • Easy set up, no need for the intervention of a technician.
  • Acceptance of cards from major payment schemes, closed loop cards, fuel cards, e-meal vouchers. In all technologies: magnetic stripe/chip/contactless and from smartphone.
  • Ancillary services and API to integrate with third party applications (e.g. cash register).
  • Digital signature on the LCD display and electronic storage of receipt.
  • Phone Customer service 24/7 with operator, in Italy and abroad.
  • High security standards.

Virtual POS

mercury payment services offering for e-commerce/mobile commerce includes two models:

  • V-POS STANDARD (hosted): to professionals and small businesses looking for a simple solution, quick to set-up.
  • V-POS SERVER TO SERVER: to large corporates looking for a solution fully integrated with their systems.
  • Acceptance of cards from all main card payment schemes, acceptance of payments made through MyBank, wallet PayPal, MasterPass, Alipay.
  • Wide range of ancillary services, such as Card on File (to remotely store cardholder data on behalf of merchant) and tokenization, Multi Currency Conversion and recurring payments management.
  • Real Time or deferred accounting according to merchant's preferences.
  • Operational flexibility in Italy and abroad, multi acquirer solutions and integration with foreign gateways like Worldpay and Adyen.
  • Phone Customer service 24/7 with operator, In Italy and abroad.
  • High security standards, 3D-Secure protocol and selective risk based authentication services, transaction monitoring for fraud prevention.

Self Service POS

Acquiring solution for self-service payment acceptance from:

  • Self service Petrol card payment terminals at petrol stations.
  • Vending Machines in offices, stores or public spaces.
  • Parking Meters on public street of private car parkings.
  • Turnstiles/ticket machines for local transportation.
  • Acceptance of financial cards from main payment schemes, 24/7, in public spaces with no attendance.
  • Option of customized solutions to accept payments via app.
  • Opportunity of interaction with loyalty programs.
  • Pre-authorization management.
  • Real time and customized web reporting.
  • 24/7 Phone Customer Care with operator.
  • Operational monitoring for fraud prevention.

POS connects with your cash register

mercury payment services' POS are already suitable for integration with the payment systems of large retailers

mercury payment services manages data exchange between POS systems and cash registers, preventing mistakes and misalignments

Issue invoice straight from the POS

mercury payment services' POS Systems can do more than just accept payments: for example you can activate Ultroneo's Get Your Bill app, to enhance the customer experience of your business clients.

Your clients just need to tell you their VAT Code: POS connects in real time to a remote server, gathers client's data, prints the invoice and saves it in the cloud.

If your clients are enrolled in Get Your Bill service, the process is even quicker: the system recognizes them from the payment card used and creates the invoice by itself.

An easy and fully featured app

mercury payment services' app, available for both iOS and Android, comes with a graphical tutorial for an easy mPOS configuration

Accepting payments or asking for refunds has never been easier: a 3 color graphic code guides you in understanding the transaction outcome with a glance:

  • Green, payment accomplished;
  • Red, payment rejected;
  • Orange, refund accomplished.

Entrust mercury payment services for your card data

Making online payment process pleasant and quick is mandatory to increase conversion rate and fidelize your customers.
mercury payment services can store cardholders' data to avoid inputing for each purchase.

We offer you the highest level of security while freeing you of all the burden of the PCI-DSS certification required to offer the service.

Snack with a tap

mercury payment services can manage acceptance service for every type of vending machine (e.g. drinks/snacks, tobacco products) at offices, stores or public spaces.

Including mercury payment services' terminals in your vending machines, you enable them to accept payments from a contactless card and NFC smartphone.

At the Parking Meter with the smartphone

mercury payment services supports municipalities in taking on the challenge of becoming smart cities enabling citizens to access and pay city services from their smartphones.

mercury payment services already manages NFC POS in the Parking Meters of Milan municipality and is working on new important partnerships.

Acceptance of all
payment means

Acceptance of financial cards from all main schemes (PagoBANCOMAT®, Visa, VPAY, MasterCard, Maestro, AmEx, JCB, UnionPay, Discover, Diners, Alipay, Jiffy), closed loop cards, fuel cards, e-meal vouchers.

Full range
of ancillary services

  • Pre-authorization (for in store payments).
  • Mail Order Telephone Order (digitalization of card data for telephone order or mail order).
  • Loyalty Program Management.
  • Tax Free (managing of VAT refundment process to non EU citizens) and DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion, acceptance of non Euro payments from foreign cardholders).
  • Partial authorization on prepaid cards.
  • Tip service.
  • Optional LCD display to allow customers to sign for authentication. Storage of a digital copy of the receipt.


  • Real time or deferred accounting, according to merchant's preferences (e.g. warehouse availability / shipping).
  • Settlement in currencies different from Euro, for foreign markets.

Continuous assistance and maximum security. Also abroad.

  • Replacement of mulfunctioning POS in 4-6 working hours from ticket opening.
  • Operational monitoring for fraud prevention
  • Customer care with operator 24/7
  • Real time and customized web reporting.

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