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Pay in instalments through the POS

  • A major growing fashion brand wants to give its customers the possibility to pay in instalments, in a quick ad discreete way.
  • mercury payment services' solution: cashier enters the purchase amount; the cash register sends the amount to the POS. A pop up on the POS terminal allows the client to choose between immediate payment for the full amount or a dilution in 3 monthly payments (free of charge).
  • Quietly and privately, customers choose their favourite model, and the payment goes on.
  • Problem solved: clients have been able to purchase what they wanted, fashion brand has suddenly widen its consumer target.

Mobile POS: why?

  • A major national brand in the home delivery industry. Two business targets: guaranteeing an efficient delivery (both in the assembly & check out phase) and a precise payment (purchased items and amounts match with the order signed in store by the client on the operator's PDA).
  • Cash slowed down the process (e.g. need for change) and required to align the amounts received with PDA data at the end of each day.
  • mercury payment services' solution: provide the company with 1,000+ mobile POS terminals, to be delivered to operators on the field. The terminals receive the amount to be paid from the PDA. The client can pay with every kind of card (credit, debit, prepaid). The paid amount is aligned to PDA data.
  • Ready for the next delivery.

Recurring payments made easy

  • Large utilities (water, electricity, natural gas) and Telcos face a common problem: how to manage recurring payments minimizing authorization denied due to expired cards.
  • mercury payment services' solution: checking card validity and expiration date before each instalment is paid. This way the Company can call the customer so to proceed with card substitution and go on with future payments.
  • Telcos and utilities provide a better service to their clients, while avoiding high costs in dispute resolution.

Cross border acquiring opportunities

  • Large international fashion brands, retail groups, airlines. In need for a centralized solution for transaction processing.
  • mercury payment services' solution: convey international transactions through proprietary solutions or through partner payment gateways.
  • mercury payment services technology integrated with the main international payment gateways currently provides its services in 25 European countries and is authorized to operate in other nations.

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