D.LGS. 231/2001

The Company adopted a Code of Ethics and a Code of Behaviour build on integrity and honesty. Those virtues must guide the employees' conduct in Mercury Payment Services and outside.

Anti-money laundering documents

Customers Information required by the Company

Information provided by the Company to the Stakeholders

Rules for banking and financial services transparency

This section contains the main documents required by the transparency legislation, relating to the products and services offered by Mercury Payment Services S.p.A., as well as additional documents for information purposes.

Complaints, appeals, conciliation

The Customer can file a complaint with the Company by letter addressed to
“Mercury Payment Services S.p.A. – Ufficio Reclami – Corso Sempione 55 – 20149 MILANO”,
or by e-mail to the address reclami@mercurypayments.it
or by certified e-mail to the address reclami.mercurypayments@actaliscertymail.it
or by fax to the number 02/89137235.

The Company must reply within 15 working days of receipt, unless the exceptions established by law. If the Customer is not satisfied with the response received or has not received a reply within the aforementioned deadlines, before resorting to the Judge he may contact the Financial Banking Arbitrator (ABF).

Both, Client and Company, can approached mediation’s procedures in accordance with the current regulations, by resort to the Banking Financial Conciliator or to another body registered in the appropriate Ministry of Justice’s file, also in the absence of a preliminary complaint.

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Privacy Policy

Documents on website policy on customers' personal data usage.

Cookie Policy

This website uses cookies only for the purposes listed in the Privacy Policy. For detailed informations, please consult the following documents.

Computer Security

In the following documents, we provide some tips to increase your security in managing credentials for accessing our online systems and, more generally, for protecting your data while surfing the web.

ISO 9001

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System is an international standard of reference for the quality certification of the Services provided by a Company. The relevant legislation was introduced in 2015 in place of the one issued in 2008, which will cease to be effective from October 2018. Certification is voluntary and is obtained by requesting to an accredited Certification Company the compliance with the Quality Management System which the Company has developed. ISO 9001 regulation is independent from any industrial or economic sector (banks, offices, companies, associations or public authorities).